Design and inspection of a new development housing 151 units.

Pearl River, New York


The overall scope of the project included the design and inspection of roads, drives, parking, bridges, wetlands crossings, common areas, grading, utilities, and for 14.2 miles of road, 151 units of property and 3 apartment buildings. This project was performed in phases. Phase I and II have been completed and Phase III is currently in progress.

Responsible for the analysis, oversight, and rating required for the roadways, driveways, bridges, foundations, and special structures. Our firm was also responsible for the construction layout associated with all aspects of the project. Coordination with the NYS-DOT was required in order to obtain a Phase II storm water control permit (SWPPP). The design of an environmentally friendly pedestrian footbridge was also completed by our firm.

Recent work on this project includes the design of an amenities area that includes recreational facilities to support the complex with wetlands crossings featuring environmentally friendly components.