Locally known as the Q Bridge, this bridge spans 4,735 ft with about a 1,000 ft-long concrete section of the bridge.

New Haven, Connecticut


Ahneman Kirby, LLC performed bridge surveying services in accordance with an agreement between CT DOT and ATANE Engineers. Reviewed available drawings and past reports, prepared drawings, and performed reconnaissance surveys. We determined bridge location of piers and superstructure using remote sensing technology (lidar), photogrammetry, and thermography.

Ahneman Kirby, LLC assessed and identified access locations and safety considerations. In addition to surveying, we photographed the interior and exterior surfaces of the piers and superstructure in order to assess the condition of the concrete bridge and identify, map, and report on all cracks detected in bridge. Machine learning and artificial intelligence software were used to identify cracks throughout the structural components. We mapped and documented cracks equal to or greater than 0.04 inches. We reviewed construction documents, as built drawings, and bridge inspection notes. We delivered CAD drawings of all cracks detected with color coding for crack thickness.